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All the fabrics are selected In France and Italy ; Luxxa Handmade with Love In France



Romance of Desires.

Corbeille Bonbon Any time of year many romantic couples give and receive lingerie. Sexy lingerie is a wonderful gift, of course, but what about if you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone, where the time of love blooms more? For you and other women, a box of chocolates and flowers are the most romantic gifts of all time, but you deserve to celebrate your body and sexiness too! Sexy lingerie is never about him. It’s always about you. Wearing something sexy will make you feel sexy, that’s great in and of itself, feeling sexy also improves your confidence and improved confidence means better success in all aspects of your life!
We have a huge selection of baby dolls, camisoles and more. Satisfy your inner desires and create your best confidence by wrapping your curves with garter belts and stockings beneath your daily or business suits! You can read stories of how some women get their dream jobs after buying a lacy bra and panty set, also some single ladies who never stopped wearing their naughty sexy lingerie and snagged a new guy quicker than you can say “Granny Panties.” You know your confident and it radiates on other people that surround you. Brand new sexy lingerie lets you say goodbye to your old self and let the brand new you shine! Sexy lingerie is an easy, conspicuous way of building your confidence to a better you. Delivering curves in a very natural way, accentuating your body lines into a jaw dropping full grown vixen, hot model cover girl from famous magazines. Babydoll - Poisson
Briefs Set - Lion Gorgeous sexy lingerie puts you back in touch with your sensuality. The sight, the touch, the scent, the feel, they’re all reminders that you are a sensual being with erotic potential even if that potential isn’t currently in use. Sexy lingerie comforts you with luscious pleasure while wearing it around the house, while lounging or doing laundry. Sexy lingerie stops you from lapsing into feeling asexual when you’re not in a relationship. Even if with or without any relationship in your life, a pleasant flirtation or romp between the sheets can be added to boost your feminine side. We have lots of designs and details to choose from, sexy lingerie varies to every woman’s taste from simple to extravagant, cuts and mesh that make every single piece of this lingerie special, the use of floral, patterns that surely catches every woman and man's eye. We have it all! Stone and crystals that shine upon laying your eyes on them, comfort from using cotton and soft fabrics that lays down on your skin in pleasurable and remarkably subtle touch.
Soak your skin with the sexy lingerie you like. Have your sexy lingerie collection around those closets and cabinets, so that you can feel sultry and beautiful at a moment's notice. Every woman must know that sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage to dress up in your favorite sexy lingerie wear. Just literally twenty seconds of just pure bravery to feel and see the difference that a fine piece of sexy lingerie can make. Sexy lingerie promises you something great will come of it. So select your own collection of intimate apparels, the sexy lingerie that will change everything, sexy lingerie that will open up your personality into a better you. Basque - Verseau
Chevillière Nuisette Reglisse Sensual Tights - Penelope 1/2 Cup Bra - Poisson

Have the sexy lingerie set you want from bras covering your chest in full, half or capless style, panties bestowing you into chic and modern temptation that makes your presence more sexy and stunning, while saying bye bye to your granny panties. We have g-strings and thongs that can accentuate a smoking hot waist with comfort. We have baby dolls that embrace your stunning silhouette, gorgeous stockings, tights, camisoles and more! We have all the lingerie you can ever need, The moment you have waited for comes to you in wearing your sexy lingerie collection. Save some money to purchase the sexy lingerie you feel your body needs to have. Get the style you want, simple or daring what's important is you wear the sexy lingerie you want, the lingerie you need and the lingerie you think can best fit you and your personality. Go beyond the lingerie you usually wear becoming more seductive, more teasable and attractive. What's important is you satisfy your curiosity of having stunning fantasies and imagination and achieving the looks and confidence you've always desired. Sexy lingerie treasures your femininity to and expresses who you are now or who you want to become. The undeniable self-esteem and grace, the happiness you feel and the confidence you've always wanted can all be found with the right lingerie.

Luxxa : Seductive Styles for All Occasions

We are a lingerie company that helps turn fantasies into reality. Led by Pierre Vandier and Luiza Gotelet, Luxxa's dedication to luxury and innovation makes us the perfect choice for anyone who wants to invest in top-of-the-range bustiers, thongs, hosiery, garter belts camisoles and other lingerie sets. All of our items are produced in France under strict quality controls, with five separate patents ensuring that each item is made to a high level of craftsmanship.

For over 15 years, we have been producing unique pieces that cannot be matched anywhere else. There is no "one size fits all" approach at Luxxa - instead, we focus on creating tantalising lingerie in a variety of styles so that every woman can feel sexy and beautiful in their own way. Quality makes all the difference, and Luxxa is proud to offer several collections that showcase the talent of our company.

Luxxa Piment vert Skirt set Luxxa Set Taureau 3-piece set Ensemble Porte Jaretelle Belier Shorty set Luxxa Set Verseau Luxxa Poisson

Seductive Styles for All Occasions

As an elite brand, we are dedicated to providing a range of nightwear, daywear and other erotic clothing items that go above and beyond the offerings of other stores. At Luxxa, we believe that lingerie is an experience, an art form, a way to enhance the shape of the body and an intimate practice that can turn fantasies into reality. Imagine strolling down the street wearing one of our waspies under your long coat, or surprising your lover at home as you wear one of our luxurious open g-strings. The possibilities are endless!

We produce items for every taste and desire, ranging from beautiful swimwear to cupless bras and more. Our collections are made to the exacting standards of Vandier's aesthetic vision, using a wide range of materials to take lingerie to the next level. Perhaps you're a lover of intricate, lacy thongs - the Fatale Attraction collection will take your breath away with its fine work and matching necklace sets. If you enjoy a classic red and black colour scheme, the Verseau collection will spark your inspiration as you view fine basques, cupless bras and gorgeous g-strings.

Our Ibiza Resort collection is a whole new take on swimwear and beach attire, featuring mix-and-match tops and bottoms, cover-up dresses and even jewellery, while our Scorpion set of lingerie is bold, daring and opens up new avenues of sensuality for couples. Our goal at Luxxa is to foster the feelings of desire, attraction and beauty for both lingerie wearers and viewers.

Our wide range of accessories is designed to complement a wide range of bodies and ages; slim silky anklets that show off a woman's delicate and sensual legs, exquisite pasties that set the imagination on fire and beautiful sequined covers for the most intimate areas of the body. The Love Noir Menotte will add a sense of intrigue and passion into your life with its delicate lace cuffs, handmade in France, and its clasp chains and ribbon lacing.

Whether you're buying pieces for yourself or for that special someone in your life, Luxxa can help you take your lingerie experience to the next level. Every hour of the day, no matter where you are, can become more passionate and enticing with any of our beautiful pieces.

Explore Our Lingerie Catalogue

Whether you want to indulge in a classic bustier or plump for a beautiful, unique pareo, Luxxa can help you find the perfect piece to enhance your natural beauty. Refine your art of seduction with the best lingerie brand in the world; explore the timeless quality of our catalogue today and let us help you find avenues of passion that you have never dreamed of before.

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