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The world's best handmade bras. The sexiest sexy lingerie made in france.



Sexy lingerie direct from France

luxxa lingerie luxxa luxxa sexy lingerie
A smoking fashion that dresses up the body with excitement and appeal revealing a desirable mind and attitude in an evening of love making both enjoyed by oneself and partner. Composed of seductive selection of style from bras, g-string, nightie, skirt etc completely blend a sophisticated looks with seductive finish in use of quality fabrics craft the most unbelievable design. Luxxa.net net provides a hot Luxxa brand known to render admirable images with its cuts and shape showcasing a feminines body with figurative one. Bringing great design that surely makes woman fall in its sexy finish. Here at Luxxa.net lets every woman desire express through various selection of fashion. Browse our alluring collection and we are happy to serve you.

Clary Sydney France
Clary sydney
7 rue des lilas
59127 Walincourt Selvigny
Phone : 09 70 46 50 60
Schedules : 15:00 - 19:00
SIRET 81466550100015- SAS au capital de 2 000€ - TVA : FR 35 81466550